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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is about everyone, both corporate and individual citizens of the world, behaving responsibly in all areas of human existence.

Swachh Bharat  is practised in as many possible ways at our premises and we also Campaign the things.

Planting Plant in regular basis as its simple funda is that “if we say plant it will save all of  US”.

Rightpath Foundation helps Orphans with trusted parties in many ways.

Social responsibility must at least mean not damaging society, responding to critical social problems and acting in the social interest.

Contribution towards economic development of backward regions and weaker sections of the society and to recognise and respect social values, business ethics and cultural heritage.

Cooperate with Government in solving problems like communalism, illiteracy, over population, concentration of income, wealth etc.

Make the country economically self-reliant through export promotion and import substitution.

Make the best of use of national resources

Protect national environment

Identify and act upon new opportunities to apply our technology and expertise to societal problems.

Rightpath employees actively participate in the welfare of the local community. Their Development Centers (DCs) in India make a difference through several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

They organize and contribute to welfare programs, especially for underprivileged children and they support the activities of institutes and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) dedicated to healthcare and education, and campaigns for skills development and community welfare.

Rightpath Foundation helps preserve certain cultural forms and dying arts of India.

Humanity First that’s was makes to feel proud of ourselves and that’s makes us to serve better.

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