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Client Overview:
The client is promoter of high profile gated Community Township in Hyderabad having around 2000Flats. The Earlier system of managing the community and facility management was manual and cumbersome

Business Study by Rightpath

Presently the management of gated community is faced with the task of handling all maintenance and operations through manual implementations.
There is no exclusive software used for sending notices to the community members nor there is a facility existing wherein members can post their complaints for a speedy redresses and there exists no transparency in income and maintenance charge to the members as there is no tracking system available in place online.
Moreover without customized software this entire task of township management becomes too cumbersome leaving the residents fuming.

Technical features Incorporated:
The GCS system handles features like owner registrations, tenants registrations, flat details, occupied flats, vacant flats, facility management such as online booking of community hall, swimming pool and gym, notice board facility. Online complaints registration and tracking by tenants/owners, posting a flat for rent or sale, The e management of township is transparent as balance sheet of income and expenditure is maintained by using this software. The security feature includes to get the list of people visited the flats with date and time particulars, the entry details township employees and maids. Smart reminders to utility bill payments to all residents and managing periodical and preventive maintenance schedule are salient features of the system.

The results:

The advantage of using the GCS software from Rightpath is obvious .with improved services and facility the residents are the happiest community of all gated communities in the city. The township administration handles the day to day tasks with ease and transparency to the society gives greater freedom to the township management in regulating, revising and collecting maintenance charges. With community notice board on line the residents are well aware of the happenings in the township and accordingly plan for participation. The search for renting a flat in the township made easy as the common visitor is able to know the vacancies online from owner postings.

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