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QTP Testing Projects

Health Care domain:

Industry: Health Care
Technologies: QTP, Php and MySql

The application to be tested was a very large and complex application which had various other smaller application clubbed into it. The client was worried about the functionality and performance of database such a big application. They preferred to manage every little aspect of the application in a proper manner even though there was a minute code change being carried out or any enhancement being done. Our team designed frameworks to carry on the automation process and also wrote test cases, from where scripts were written. Scripts were written taking into consideration functionality, flexibility and maintainability. The scripts written were designed in such a way that anyone can run it without learning QTP.

Quality & Real-Estate Domain:

Industry: Quality & Real-estate
Technologies: QTP, DotNet and SqlServer 2005

Maintaining the regression and functionality testing for a large set of test cases which covers functionality of very complex and dynamic application had been a huge challenge for our client. It was almost impossible for the client to go through regression testing every time a change occurred or the environment got changed. They desired to automate the test process. Rightpath QA team tested the product rigorously, reported issues and got clarified it from the client. The team worked on various frameworks such as Hybrid Framework, Keyword Driven Framework and Data Driven Framework and finally, developed scripts for all the modules and continuously maintained them for different environments. Our QA team was responsible for developing large number of scripts that could perform regression and functionality testing of any specific module within 15-20 minutes time, reducing long hours of manual testing effort.

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