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Gated Community System

What is Gated Community System? 
GCS is comprehensive web based software for managing Gated Communities. Usage of GSC by Township Management owners associations/Housing Societies improves the efficiency of operations & maintenance, reduces the maintenance costs and increases the satisfaction of the residents.

The current scenario in gated community Facility management:
Presently the management of gated community is faced with the task of handling all maintenance and operations through manual implementations. There is no exclusive software used for sending notices to the community members nor there is a facility existing wherein members can post their complaints for a speedy redresses and there exists no transparency in income and maintenance charge to the members as there is no tracking system available in place online. Moreover without customized software this entire task of township management becomes too cumbersome leaving the residents fuming. GATED COMMUNITY SYSTEM (GCS) with their high end software applications has come as a boon to residents and owners of gated communities with a promise of hassle free implementation for the management team and promoters.

Welcome to Gated Community Services
Tired of maintaining multiple email groups, multiple excel sheets containing email ids, phone numbers, addresses, vehicle details of owners/tenants?. Treasurer is overloaded in tracking maintenance dues from members, reconciling bank accounts and issuing receipts, etc. Residents getting restless due to issues that are not getting resolved despite reminders and no one knows the status of the complaint raised. Such issues and many more are common in most Gated Communities/Townships. In the absence of appropriate tools, management of the Gated Communities takes too much of time, effort and money with lots of inefficiencies. With the Gated community Services software in place, now you can get rid of all these hurdles for a hassle free life.


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Gated Community System

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