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ERP Implementation

Whatever the stage of your ERP implementation in Tier 1 Oracle ERP or Open Source Adempiere.ERP Rightpath Computer Technologies will guide your organization to success.

See how you can realize increased benefits and minimal disruption and delays associated with the deployment of ERP software. Based on collective experience with hundreds of ERP implementations ranging from Complete Project Management and Support Up gradations Project and ,Project recovery etc our expertise in implementing Tier1 ERP systems in oracle as well ERP implementations from Adempiere to suit your budget will ensure the implementations are strict to schedule and smooth transition from your existing process. You can rely on Right path’s expertise to discover the best solutions in ERP implementation .Process preparation, Configuration, Customization, Extensions, Data migration is the process we follow in ERP implementation.

What are The Expectations from ERP?
There is a feeling that ERP is a magic wand that solves all business problems. The fact is that it is ERP is an application framework which has to be pre-tuned to the organization’s requirement and run by humans who make the decisions. ERP is very often classified with an off the shelf accounting package whereas the truth remains that an ERP is an integrated framework that addresses most of the organization’s business functions.

Enterprise Resource Planning:
ERP systems integrate internal and as well external management information across an entire organization, taking on finance/accounting, manufacturing, sales and service, customer relationship management, etc. ERP systems automate this activity with an integrated software application ERP may be a cure for facilitating the flow of information for all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders, but this after all needs to be implemented with skillful, subtle handling and tactful, maneuvering and professionalism which Rightpath computer Technologies Pvt.Ltd has excelled in

Exploring Unstructured Processes in Mid Market Segment
A majority of the Middle East and West Asian mid market segment organizations are closely held businesses where the business processes have evolved over years. Realigning of these business processes and streamlining of data to suite the ERP requirement is a major exercise where the participation of the clients is critical.

ERP Solutions and Implementations by Rightpath:
Rightpath Computer Technologies Pvt Ltd expertise in actively involving the management as per the initial commitment and tuning the managements to maintain same tempo without any sluggishness during the implementation process is a key factor for our many successful implementation .The result ? No escalated cost or elongated time.

Case study for ERP Implementation-1
For a leading Manufacturing company Rightpath computer Technologies Pvt.Ltd

Client overview:
Our client belongs to the manufacturing industry standing as one of the fastest growing organizations in the State of Maharashtra region in the field of automotive electrical equipment manufacturing. The client is reputed OE supplier to leading Brands like Maruti, Tata and Leyland Automobile manufacturers.

There major Products are Manufacturing Automotive Electrical equipments such as Alternators, Starter Motors for light and heavy vehicles Regulators, Wiper motors and Horns Head light relays

Engineering and Manufacture. With the strength of over a 350 in their workforce, our customer required software to integrate its business activities and gain efficiency internally.

Business challenges we encountered here:
In implementing ERP Rightpath has met with following business challenges

Streamline business processes and adopt best practices.
Better quality reporting to enable intelligent business decisions.
Improve information sharing within and outside the company leading to ambiguous data
Unreliability of data due to manual processing
Need more security with more control points
Compiling and analyzing profitability of each order.
Finance and HR operations were not integrated

Technology Challenges we conquered:

Inventory Management and control over stock movement
Vendor performance management
Production planning
Availability of data
System not scalable

Solutions and Services:
After understanding our client’s requirements the Right path’s team narrowed down to the proposal and implementation of Oracle ERP Business Suit as the most suitable solution.

Rightpath deployed its skilled staff for the implementation of the international best practice and successfully completed the project within its time frame.

Through this solution the client was able to implement business processes such as the Account payable, Account receivable, financial and Human Resource processes within the organization.

Team Rightpath has developed components to achieve collaboration and integration with customer and vendor. This solution proposed by Rightpath enabled the client to integrate all its departments on a common platform and minimized the probability of distorted communication and gap and reduced the time for decision making

Some of the results witnessed through the implementation of this solution are listed below:

There was a control on inventory.
The production was streamlined
Using the accounting function the user can performs the activities of profit center accounting project
accounting ,product cost accounting
Better management reporting has been witnessed.
Good amount of customization for better controlling.
Integrate all business process into a single system
Easily accessible real-time information

Business Benefits:
Some of the benefits exercised by the client post the implementation of the ERP system suggested by Rightpath Software are:

The seamless integration of all business processes across the company directly results in a reduction
of operational costs and manual intervention
One integrated, comprehensive solution.
Streamlined business processes for increased efficiency.
Reduction in production costs.
Easy access to information across the company.
Better costing and process integration
Improved inventory turnover and optimized working
Manual entries of data has been eliminated, reducing redundancy

Client Overview:
Our client belongs to food and beverage industries being canned beans producer and exporter and the company recently celebrated the production of its five hundred millionth can out of its factory in Dubai.
This industry was using Oracle Applications in 1999, recently completed the upgrade. The company has started utilizing several modules of the Oracle E-Business Suite including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, Cash Management, Order Management, Inventory and Purchasing. Streamlining business processes and increasing efficiencies are among the main benefits it derives from the Oracle E-Business Suite.
“We are very proud of our internal IT team for completing this project without the need for external consultants,” said the Deputy General Manager. “We believe we are the second company in the UAE and the fourth company in the Gulf to complete the migration to Oracle E-Business Suite R12 using internal resources. Gulf Food Industries finds the Oracle E-Business Suite to be a comprehensive and function-rich suite of business applications that helps us manage our business effectively in the highly competitive canned food industry.”

Oracle E-Business R12 Upgrade
After the platform migration, the EBS 11i system has been moved to a more scalable infrastructure and was ready to be upgraded to R12. Comparing to previous version 11i upgrade, Release 12 (R12) upgrade process has been enhanced and streamlined. The basic approach to upgrade is to install R12 technology stack to replace 11i technology by Rapid Install utility, and use Auto-Patch utility to upgrade the 11i EBS database to R12 ; finally use Rapid Install utility again to configure servers and start services. In this POC project, we executed this technology stack upgrade in the following steps.

Plan for Upgrade: Study the upgrade path and understand the upgrade process.
Prepare for Upgrade: prepare the pre-requisites for the upgrade.
Rapid installation of R12: install EBS R12 technology stack.
Apply 10g Database Patches: apply the required database patches before the upgrade.
Upgrade 11i to R12: upgrade the
Configure R12 system
Finish Upgrade

Achievements & Benefits:
Implementation and Upgrade was completed in a remarkable span of 4 months
Developed Additional Customizations including building Additional Forms to meet specific business requirements (Updating the Average Cost for a given receipt number).
Case study of ERP implementation Adempire-3

Client overview:

The client is one of the leading spinning mills located at Southern India with a reputation of more than 75 years in the industry. This ERP implementation is done using ADempere open source software.

System study:
The Spinning mill functional process study was done by Rightpath team and devised the following modules

Raw Material
Stores and Inventory
Post Spinning
Out Process

Feature and benefits using this implementation:

A Single integrated system
Streamlined processes and work flow
Reduced redundant data entry and processes
Improved access to information
Module level and Menu level Security
Option to export reports to word, excel and pdf
Reports can be configured and scheduled for Email Digest
Ease to Use Screens
Online Product Updates and Upgrades

The implementation was complete in 6 months flat by Rightpath About Rightpath Computer Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Solutions provider service offerings span the entire range of IT. We deliver end-to-end solutions that can manage and support our customers’ IT systems across the entire value chain — infrastructure, applications and business productivity. This depth, diversity and delivery capability ensures adaptability to client needs, bringing out the most innovative solutions in every business and technology domain


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